Sunday, December 15, 2013

All Things That Sparkle and Shine


Peg has been making various types of ornaments for years.  She has found that they are a great addition to her family's tree and make wonderful gifts.  This year she created these beautiful glittered ornaments using Art Glitter. 
Supplies Needed:

  Glitter from Art Glitter- The more ornaments you create the more glitter colors you will need.
Fire Engine Red Ultrafine Opaque Glitter-
Challis Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter-
Also Needed:
  Glass or Plastic Ornaments
  A bottle of rubbing alcohol
   Floor Cleaner-NOTE:  It must have the word "FINISH" on it (Pledge or Mop & Glo work best)
Begin by removing the metal tops from the ornaments and pouring some rubbing alcohol into them.  Slowly turn the ornament around making sure to not create any bubbles and to cover every part of the ornament to get it well cleaned.  Pour the alcohol into a separate container to use for additional ornaments.  

 Pour some of the floor cleaner into the ornament and slowly move around making sure to cover the entire area including the opening.  Pour the cleaner into another container to use later.  You can also pour it back into the bottle.
Pour the glitter into the ornament through a funnel.  Slowly turn the ornament around to cover all of it.  You can add more glitter if needed to get it covered.  

Turn the ornament upside down and all the glitter to fall out.  Make sure that all of the loose glitter is removed.  

Allow the ornaments to dry upside down for a day.  You can turn an empty egg carton upside down and cut the very bottom out of it and place the neck of the ornament through the hole to hold it while it dries. 
 Once the ornament has dried, place the top back onto the ornament and then slide the wire hanger back in.  This will prevent the hanger from scratching the glitter off. 
Create a bow and glue it onto the neck of the ornament.  

 Add a little shine to the holidays with these gorgeous ornaments using Art Glitter.  Hang them on your own tree or give them as gifts.  They will bring joy year after year to everyone.

 Happy Holidays Everyone!

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