Monday, December 9, 2013

Holly Noel


Heather printed out her collage sheet, and used her MTC program to form cut lines, then used her Black Cat Cougar Digital cutter to cut out her pieces.  You of course can use your own digital programs and cutters as well as cut out your pieces by hand.

Next Heather inked all of her edges with Ranger's Vintage Photo Distress ink.  She glued the front and back aqua blue snowflake package pieces together using the Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue.
Next she used the Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue to add her holly bases to the front and back of the package.  Make sure when gluing your pieces together, that you line up your holly backgrounds, and that you leave enough room on your package for your "Noel" and "Merry Christmas" images.  Please refer to Heather's photo below for placement of the holly backgrounds.

Heather added some lace, then glued down her leaves using the Ultra fine Metal Tip and Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue.  
There are 6 leaves on the collage sheet, and they fit in specific places so please refer to Heather's Photos for placement of the leaves.
Below is the front of the ornament.  Tombow Foam Tabs were added to the Holly berries and backs of the Text images.  Please refer to the photo below for placement.  She also used her Crop O Dile to punch a hole at the top of the Holly background.
Now the fun part!!  Heather used the  Ultra fine Metal Tip and Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue to outline her gift package, then applied #37 Ice Art Glitter!  

Next Heather  Ultra fine Metal Tip and Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue to outline the leaves and veins.  She added #299 Celery to the two lighter leaves and #109 Cavalado to the darker leaf.
Heather added glue to the holly berries then added #162 Just Peachy to the lighter berries and  #142 Coral Reef to the darker berry.  She then used the Ultra fine Metal Tip and Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue  to add glue to the NOEL image.  
#142 Coral Reef Art Glitter was added to the NOEL image.
Heather added more glue around the opening for hanger and around the Noel Image and applied #208 Fauna Glitter.  Then she added some more dots of glue to her package background.  A tiny pink seam binding bow was added under the Holly berries.
 #37 Ice Glitter was added to the dots of glue.
Decorating the back will be similar to the front.  Heather Added a piece of jewelry wire that she folded in half, and twisted a piece at the top.  Then shaped it into a heart shape.  She then threaded a few beads onto the wire, then place one piece of the wire trough the hanging hole.  The other wire was brought around the side to the front, and the two wires were twisted together.  Heather then curled the ends of the wire.  See Heather's Photo below for placement of the foam tabs onto the Merry Christmas Text Images.
Please refer to Heather's photo below for placement of the leaves, berries and text images.  The leaves were simply glued on like the front, and foam tabs were added to the berries and sentiment, also like the front.
Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue was added to the back similar to the front, with the only exceptions being that Heather didn't add the Glitter to the actual text on this side, and she used #312 Fresh Green Art Glitter on the lighter leaves.
Here is a close up of the front.

One last look at the finished front.

Here is a Vintage Christmas Set of Tags and Pillow Box that Heather designed.  They Can be used as a Count Down To Christmas Project.


Heather used Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue & Ultra fine  tip to add glue to the focal image.  #196 Lion's Mane was used on the inner ivory colored circle.  #349 Garnet for the scallops and text boxes and Candy cane.  #208 Fauna was used on the Candy Cane.
#295 Ensalada was used on the Holly 
leaves.  She also used #79 Black glitter on the numbers, #160 Rose Gold glitter around the edges of the tag, and numbers. 
Heather does this to all of the focal images in her creations.
You can watch her tutorials on how to create and add glitter to her projects below here.

The three links below take you to Heather's Videos on Youtube.

Walk through of what was used, and begging of Traditional Tag Video.

How to add the Glitter to the focal pieces and Traditional Tag

How to put the Pillow Box together and Decorate it

Fancy Tag Base
Traditional Tag Base
Simple Gift Tag
Pillow Box
Front and Back

Top View 
Side View
 Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects using Art Glitter on her blog.

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  1. Heather, these are breathtakingly beautiful! Can I come over for a glitter lesson?

  2. Heather always does such beautiful work.

    Thank you for a great tutorial.