Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fantasy Fiber Snowflake

Art Glitter Fantasy Fiber
Dimensions Needle Felting Kit (Clare found this at Michael's for $3.99 retail before coupon)
Old wool garment or scrap fabric
Pillow form
Sewing Machine
Snowflake template (Clare used Home Accents Cricut Cartridge)
Tailors chalk or white fabric marking pen

If you know Clare, you may know she is always trying to work in some fabric or textiles crafts with Art Glitter products.  This years she was so excited to try an old technique with a new product:  Needle felting with Art Glitter Fantasy Fiber.  And Clare found a way to try this technique on the cheap too!
Clare started by taking apart an older wool dress.  She used a garment that was at least 80 % Wool tomake felted wool.   She washed and dried it at the hottest temperature and then ironed it.  She cut it to fit her pillow form, leaving an opening in the back so that she could swap out the pillow cover after the winter season.

Clare cut a snowflake template using the Cricut Home Accents cartridge.  She then traced it onto the right side of the pillow front using tailors chalk.  Using the Dimensions needle felting kit and the Art Glitter Fantasy Fiber, Clare filled in the snowflake design.  And the Fantasy fiber worked wonderful for this!  It did NOT break!   Clare is sharing a video HERE she made on how to needle felt with Art Glitter Fantasy film here.  Here is how the pillow looks half way done.
Once the design was filled, Clare used an iron to heat set the snow flake design.  Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the design and then, set using a medium setting for 3 to 10 seconds.  Or just leave it without ironing for a faux fur look!

Find more of Clare's work at her blog:  http://www.cricutcraftyclare.blogspot.com/

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