Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art Glitter and Canvas

Today I want to share with you a fun project that I made for a friend of mine. 
I started with a white 8"x10" canvas that I got at a local craft store. I wanted to make a fun inspirational sign, so I looked for a simple, but fun, quote. Once I decided on the quote, I cut out the lettering on my Cricut Expression 2 using vinyl. I took the background of the vinyl letting and placed it on the canvas. Be sure to place this exactly where you want it. Once it is on, be sure to press firmly and make sure all of the edges are on well. This will determine if any paint will seek through the edges. The better sealed the more crisp the letters will look. 

Using Designer Dries Clear adhesive, I filled in the letters that I wanted glittered. I then poured on #601 Royal Rose Vintage Glass Glitter

After it dried, I painted the remaining letters with green acrylic paint. Once everything thing was dry, then I peeled back the vinyl to reveal what the sign.

Below is a close up of the glittered letters.
 You could make this sign with practically any saying, and any size! Make it your own, and use colors your love! I just recommend that there is glitter on it! I hope you enjoyed my project today, be sure to stop by my blog, http://oneheartscrapper.blogspot.com for more glitter fun!

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