Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Bling Sun" Fabric Art by Emily M. Miller

Fabric, Bling from Want 2 Scrap and Art Glitter…WAY too much fun!

Play Things
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque: #27 Navy
Art Glitter Ultrafine Pearlescent: #183 Blue Angel, #175 Retro Red, #174 Pink Cadillac, #179 Tang, #178 Duck Tail #186 Purple Polka Dot, #193 Martha’s Yard
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent: #93 Lemone’, #86 Angel Dust
Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (DDC) with Metal Tip attached
Art Glitter Sticky Tape
Art Glitter Sticky Sticks
Want 2 Scrap Bling: Swirls Finesse-LeCreme Pearls, Baby Bling Rhinestones-Brown
Laurel Burch Celestial Fabric and coordinating background fabric
Fabric scissors
Matte Board
Spray Adhesive
Walnut Ink Spray
Memories Mist: Iced Coffee
Maya Road: Bronze Thick Photo Edges

Choose your fabric selections and decide how large you want your piece to be. Then cut your matte board and fabric accordingly. Spray one side of the matte board with a spray adhesive and glue background fabric down with an inch of fabric overlapping matte board, flip over. As you can see I’ve started by gluing opposite sides down with DDC adhesive.

Glue other two sides down. At an angle, cut overlapping fabric corners off as shown.
Spray glue onto backside of focal fabric and center it onto your background. You’ll notice in the next shot that my edges are not perfect, but that’s okay, I’ll fix that later.

Start with your larger bling from Want 2 Scrap. These swirls finesse from Want 2 Scrap were absolutely PERFECT with my Laurel Burch fabric. And they are so easy to use. Just lay the transparent sheet of bling on top of your project to see where you want the bling to go, cut it to size, peal and place down!

I wanted to add some smaller bling that comes in individual pieces (baby bling!). To avoid going crazy I employed a sticky stick to do my detail work. Just push the end onto gem and slide off.

Push lightly in place and use a pin tip or fingernail to release gem. So much easier than going crazy trying to use your fingers! I have many other things that make me crazy so it’s nice to lesson that load.

Now I’m going to fix my edges. Unroll a stretch of Sticky Tape over your fabric edge and place sticky side down paying attention to getting your line straight. Sometimes my tape overlaps the fabric, and in a few spots there is a gap, that I will fix too!

Lay tape on opposite sides; remove red protective covering and lay tape down on other two sides. Then trim the ends to make nice perfect corners. Remove protective cover. Now you can begin to glitter! Spoon navy glitter over open tape and rub glitter into tape with finger. Tap off excess and do all sides.

Now to fix those gaps, just add a line of glue and cover with same glitter color. If you are not great at making a straight line…like all of us, dashes are a lot easier. Cover with glitter then go back and connect your dashes with more glue and glitter.

This is my Mess O Glitter! I use basket coffee filters to catch my glitter. And you see my selection of glitter is mostly Pearlescent, it works PERFECTLY with this fabric. As a matter of fact it works great with all of Laurel Burch’s bright patterns. A must have!

I glued and glittered in dot patterns that resemble the fabric and bling. I also made dots on the yellow background fabric. Fun, easy, beautiful.

You may be wondering why I'm using Designer Dries Clear and NOT Fabric Dries Clear. Easy, because if you aren't going to wash it, you don't need to use our Fabric glue.

I made another matte board slightly larger (black velvet) and ran a sharpie marker along the edges. Of course I slipped a few times and left marks on the white back side. So I sprayed it with walnut ink and a reddish spray ink. I’m quite pleased, it almost looks like wood!

Before gluing back matte board to front with E6000 I laid a ribbon loop in between. Let dry overnight weighted down. ONE LAST THING…matte boards are notorious for their corners getting banged up. Hammer down some metal corners and you’re done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fabric bling journey. I took tons of photos and could have made a slide show! I know, I’m a bit excessive sometimes, I can’t help it. Who knows, I may make that slide show some day. Check out my blog for more Art Glitter art and then some:

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