Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glittered Cupcake Halloween Rosette

We're quickly getting closer to my favorite time of year... Fall! And Halloween is especially my favorite! Is it wrong to start decorating now?
I took this blank rosette:
And with some paint and glitter, I turned it into this:
After it sat out for a few weeks... the silver in the antique silver glitter tarnished a bit, which is awesome, and now it looks like this:
I love how the silver glitter has *real* silver in it and tarnishes... giving it a wonderful effect!
To create this piece, I first sketched out my cupcake using a white chalk pencil. I LOVE using chalk pencils because if you don't like your first sketch, just rub it away with a damp clean cloth! I then painted on the bottom of the cupcake in brown acrylic paint. The top of the cupcake was created using glue and glitter. I then outlined the circle and tails of the rosette with glue and added the vintage glass silver glitter and added the same vintage silver glitter to the inside of the ruffles. Here is the glitter I used: Happy almost-Fall! :)

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