Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Wreath with Ornaments and Glitter!

Today I want to share with you my Christmas Wreath for this year. It is a take on the Christmas Bulb Wreath, and glitter of course.

I have made a bulb wreath, and homemade glittered ornaments but I hadn't made a glittered ornament wreath. So now is the perfect time!

Products used:
#280 Lime Rind, Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
#128 Quark, Ultrafine Opaque Hologram
#291 Fire Engine, Ultrafine Opaque
#175 Retro Red, Ultrafine Pearlescent
#84 Shiney Si, Ultrafine Opaque
#282 Night Vision, Ultrafine Opaque
Pledge Future Shine Floor Cleaner
Clear Glass Ornaments
Wire wreath
Hot Glue
Small funnel or paper funnel

To start you need to make the ornaments, and they are super simple.

I started with the clear ornaments. I took off the top, squirted in the floor cleaner, swished it around, and dumped it out.

Then I took a small funnel and poured in the glitter. I shook it around until the entire inside of the ornament was covered in glitter, then dumped out the excess glitter.

I repeated this step of all 24 large ornaments. I used six different colors; two greens (Lime Rind, Quark), two reds (Fire Engine, Retro Red), and two silvers (Shiney Si, Night Vision).

After the ornaments were finished, I hot glued them to them to the wire wreath and wrapped with ribbon.

I hope you enjoyed this fun project I made, be sure to stop by my blog, oneheartscrapper, to see how the different kinds of glitter look in each of the bulbs! I was totally surprised on how some of them turned out, they look AWESOME!

Happy Glittering!


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  1. This is really beautiful! And to think, I was planning on making and posting one bulb--YOU took it to a whole new level!