Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Tray with Dreamweaver Stencils and Art Glitter

Hi all!  I don't post very often as the team is so talented, but I really wanted to share this SPARKLING project. 

Supplies:  a Tray from McGuffey Woodworking, Crackle Paint, Dreamweaver Stencils and TONS of Art Glitter and Embossing Paste. 

You will notice I used all sorts of embellishments as the tray evoloved.  I will show you panel by panel then the entire project.

I started by taking the back off the tray and then painting all the areas.  I used an acrylic paint with a crackle paint over the top.  I added embellishments/stenciled images before placing the tray grid back on the tray.

 It is difficult to see but I added Crystal Glitter to the side panels for some glimmer.
 In this panel the skates are done in paste and then crakle paste.  I dusted the panel with Crystal Glitter and then filled the small bottle with "snow".  This is a combination of Crystal Glitter and Faux Snow from Art Glitter.

This pretty little snowflake was added to the panel in Pearl White and then covered in Crystal Glitter.  (Crystal Glitter is my favorite!)
 This panel was done with paste and then I very carefully added my colors.  I used Black, Twig, Fire Engine Red, Sedona Sun, White and I am not sure of the yellow, you can choose the yellow of your choice!

More Faux Snow in the bottle and again, a light dusting of Crystal Glitter.

I think this is a fun and very pretty project for your mantel or for gift giving!  I am glad I could share this with you all today!  Enjoy the SPARKLE!