Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Glitter and 52 Kids!

I had the joyous pleasure of teaching the K-8th graders at the United Christian School in Camp Verde down the road from us this week. They know all about glitter now! Truly a craft worth cultivating for well rounded students! 

Here's the card the Kindergarten class made. It's a snowman made from recycled white lids at Art Glitter and Faux Snow! The face and buttons are  #850 Model T Grande Beads, and we used Sticky Tape to attach the lids to the cards so they could work on them without waiting for them to dry. And of course we used Designer Dries Clear Adhesive for all the projects. We could have used our Dries White Adhesive to make the snow whiter, but I don't use it with children so they don't ruin their clothing.

They were so focused! I love using Faux Snow with the little guys because they can get their hand in it and not get TOO messy. Really turned out great!

The 1st and 2nd graders made some fabric ornaments, which I sadly did not get any photos of, but they had a few more minutes afterward and we glittered some pine cones. I always bring pine cones in case I need something quick and easy to fill in some time and the kids just love them.

We used all Opaque Ultrafine Art Glitter. It is a little more forgiving for kids to use. Meaning, it doesn't cross pollute as much as Transparent.

You can see my friend Miss Kathy in the purple with the 1st graders above. She's so wonderful. I have bling strands or sometimes referred to as shimmers in my hair... she told the kids that I had been working at Art Glitter for such a long time that I had started to grow glitter in my hair! A few fell for it, but most thought it through and called her on it!

We didn't even attempt the glitter hair story with the 5th-8th graders. Of course they've seen the shimmers before! So many boys (one girl above) working diligently on their butterflies! This is a larger version of Barbara's Butterfly image printed on our Transparencies.

Always a big hit we used all Ultrafine Transparent colors here. The girls were in heaven! When it dries you cut the butterfly out and add ribbon so you can hang it in a window or on the tree.

The 3rd and 4th graders made Bling Bells. It's a recycled tin can glittered to the max with a pipe cleaner and bell for hanging and ringing.

Again we used a rainbow of Ultrafine Opaque Art Glitter colors and some Hexi Dazzlers. They were so creative, it's great to see the diversity of designs they come up with.

If you make this project, start at the top and work your way down. Don't worry about the glitter that clings to the walls while you are moving along. You can brush all that off when it is dry. Much fun!

Thank you United Christian School for sharing your talented and well behaved students. And thank you Art Glitter fans for joining along. If you ever need any advice or ideas on creating glitter classes for students of any age, give us a call!  - GlitterEmm........



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