Friday, November 6, 2009

Harvest Treasures featuring Fantasy Film by Marisa Pawelko

Marisa Pawelko (the Modern Surrealist) is a good friend of ours and we love her stuff! So please take a look at what she came up with using our Ultrafine Glitter and Fantasy Film with recycled bags. Make sure you click on the photos to see them up close!

Dried pressed leaves
Fantasy Film
Art Glitter Chunky Opaque Hologram Glitter
Paper shopping bags
Designer dries clear Adhesive
Hot glue

Craft Items to embellish:
Scrapbook pages, Gift Bags, Paper Bags for Lanterns, Thanksgiving table place markers, etc.

Fantasy Leaves Technique: The leaves have 3 layers. Craft paper (brown paper bags) then the leaf then Fantasy Film on top. Use glue between the layers, ironing on top with parchment to protect and iron on medium for 3 seconds. Cut around border of leaf.

Embellish plain leaves using Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with Metal Tip Precision Application tool along the veins. Now that you’ve made your leaves, you can apply them to any number of items to embellish. You can also use the precision tip to enhance your scrapbook text with Art Glitter! Makes a beautiful gift in the fall, and can also be done in the spring with dried flowers!

Project Design by Marisa Pawelko founder of Modern Surrealist LLC

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  1. This is just lovely. I love all the sparkle.

    Elaine Allen