Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pine Cone Tinsel Ballerina's by Lisa Kettell

This is a great eco friendly/green project, recycling pinecones from outside or pinecones from older Christmas/Fall projects. Then glitter them, or turn into dolls and ornaments.

Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter: Vintage Fine Glass Glitter #611 Antique Silver
Art Glitter: Vintage Fine Glass Glitter #607 Cobalt Blue
Art Glitter: Vintage Fine Glass Glitter #608 Red Damask
Art Glitter: Vintage Fine Glass Glitter #613 Diamond Dust
Small-medium sized pinecones
Small Styrofoam balls
Crepe paper streamers: aqua, light green and pink
Tinsel garland: old fashioned silver
Tinsel chenille stems: silver
Lettered wording
Acrylic paints: Flesh color
Gel pens: black and red
Hot glue and hot glue sticks
Glue Stick
Other: paint brush, cup, water, shiny card stock, millinery flowers, tiny pompoms, sequins, tiny pearl strands

Directions for Glittered Tinsel Pine Cones:
1. Apply designer dries clear adhesive to the pinecone, then with a paint brush paint the adhesive onto all the edges.
2. Next sprinkle some #611 antique silver glass glitter or # 613 diamond dust onto the pinecone, let dry, shake off excess.

Directions for Pinecone Tinsel Ballerinas:
1. Apply designer dries clear adhesive to the pinecone. Then with a paintbrush, paint the adhesive onto all the edges.
2. Next sprinkle some #611 antique silver glass glitter or # 613 diamond dust onto the pinecone, let dry, shake off excess and set aside.
3. Paint Styrofoam balls w/flesh paint, let dry. Then draw a face onto them using gel pens, glue to top of pinecone.
4. Cut 2 pieces of tinsel chenille stem measuring 4 inches each. Wrap one piece around pinecone, hot glue in place. Arch the next tinsel chenille stem and hot glue to the bottom of the pinecone.

5.Begin embellishing your ballerinas with crepe paper, party hats, crowns, tinsel garland and tiny pompoms. For the hats and crowns, use cardstock, coated in either #607 cobalt blue or #608 red damask glass glitter.

-Try glittering your pinecones with other glass glitter colors
-Make a glittered pinecone wreath using Styrofoam wreath, fill in with pinecones, securing in place with hot glue, coat pinecones with glitter, fill in vacant spots with velvet leaves or floral berries coated in glitter.
-Hang glittered pinecones from a window using pretty ribbons, place battery candle on windowsill to see the glittered pinecones glow.


  1. These are so cute! And simple. Gotta try it soon!

  2. Adorable! These look like a vintage find from an Estate Sale, I love them!


  3. Thanks so much, they are my new favorite thing to make and the designer dries clear adhesive works so well with it.
    Magic and Joy,

  4. what a fun project. Going to try this with the grandchildren! Thanks,
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  5. Hi Lisa, I saw your post on Facebook~so cute are these! I did a blogpost a few days ago on painting and glittering pine cones:-)~Janet~

  6. So excited about this project. Some other ideas: Paint the pine cones a ballerina shoe pink or robins egg blue, add opaque art glitter and embellish using the directions above.
    Magic and Joy,

  7. Those are great! I'm always looking for kid friendly holiday projects & think my kiddos would love making these! Thank you for sharing!


  8. Hi June, just a note, the glass glitter is not so kid friendly! We suggest that children do not use it at all. However the polyester glitter (Ultrafine and Microfine as well as the Holograms, Pearlesents, Neons) will work just as well. Enjoy!

  9. Really sweet! Just finished a little project and a blog post plugging Gala Glitz, fantastic stuff!

  10. Tell us your blog link LDWatkins.....

  11. So exciting! Also you can paint the pine cones white, cover in dries white adhesive, sprinkle w/faux snow, add ball head for a snow man!
    Magic and Joy!