Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Crow Ornament by Violette Clark

Can you imagine a Christmas tree bedecked with fun glittery crow ornaments? Now that would be something to crow about! This whimsical magical crow has just flown in to help your tree sparkle and shine! The crow ornament is an easy project that even kids can get involved in creating! You can use your ornament as a present topper or hang all year round in a special spot.

(Be sure to scroll down to bottom and take a quick look at a video Violette did a couple of years ago with her friends demonstrating this technique before she discovered Fantasy Film and Fiber. It will certainly get you in the holiday mood!)


#724 No Moon Transparent Microfine Glitter
#263 Bright Gold Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
#742 Rock Moss Transparent Microfine Glitter
Fantasy Fiber Snowflake
Fantasy Film – Blue Nile
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Sticky Strips
• cardboard
• acrylic paints – assorted
• metallic paint - copper
• feather
• glue gun, glue stick
• glittery string
• masking tape
• tissue paper

1. Create a pattern of a crow head – draw 2 (as shown), draw 2 circles for the halo. Draw an eye shape for the bottom of the crow head. The crow head is 4”h x3”w (without the halo).

2. Cut pattern out and tape together using masking tape. Leave opening at the bottom to stuff the head. Stuff head with tissue and tape the bottom up.

3. Brush Designers Dries Clear adhesive onto the crow head and add bits of torn tissue paper to completely cover the head. Tape the halo together and cover with tissue the same as you did for the head.

4. With your glue gun add radiating lines on the halo.
5. Paint crow head and halo black.

7. Add a strip of sticky tape to the bottom of the crow head. Remove red coating and then sprinkle on no moon transparent microfine glitter.

8. Apply Designer Dries Clear adhesive to halo and beak and sprinkle on glitter – Bright Gold Ultrafine Glitter to the halo and Rock Moss Transparent Microfine Glitter to the beak. Add a bit of sparkle to the eye if you like! Sprinkle excess off.

9. Cut Blue Nile Fantasy Film into thin strips approximately 15” x 1/2” long. Gather in the center and tie with string. Add a bit of Snowflake Fantasy Fiber to the center and tie on with the string.
10. Poke a hole in the bottom of the crow head with an awl and stuff the bundle of Fantasy Film/Fiber (folded in half) into the hole. You can hot glue it to secure.

11. Poke a hole in the top of the crow head and stuff a feather in – add a dab of hot glue or Designer Dries Clear adhesive to secure.
12. Hot glue halo to head. Poke a hole at the top of the halo and thread a piece of sparkly string through. Voila! Your ornament is complete. Enjoy!