Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jan's Ornaments in a Votive by Emily M. Miller

Jan's last project couldn't have come at a better time. My son's 5th grade teacher has these votive jars she wanted me to make a project with. So here's my take:

I started with a bed of Faux Snow applied with Designer Dries Clear along with some dots on the walls and along the top. Then I did the same technique with running the transparency paper through a Xyron machine and applying #47 Vine Opaque Ultrafine Glitter. Only I made two trees and slit one half way down the middle from the top and the other half way up from the bottom. Then you slide them together after gluing sequins on. Oh yes, I also left a stand at the bottom that I bent up and attached the two trees together with sticky tape. Then hotglue the stand to bottom inside of votive and added more Faux Snow.

Quite cute! I'll let you know how the class goes!

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