Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clockworks by Shannon Bielke

This was such a fun project! I found a clockworks in my supplies and decided to make a clock; it had been a while. . .

So, using only things I had on hand, I put one together. The base is made of foam board, and the front is made of various bits and pieces of things I had in my vast array of miscellaneous cool stuff I can't live without. I found my theme when I came across the tag with the woman's silhouette on the front.

The original plan was to glitter most elements as I placed them, but when I started arranging things, I realized the best way utilize the glitter was to use it as a focal point. The clock was just a clock with a random smattering of like images until I added the glitter to the numbers only.

I love how that one touch seemed to pull the whole thing together! There was just a bit of glitter on a part of the background paper, but that was only one of the many pieces that made up the whole of the clock face. I love this clock! I love the randomness of the parts, and I especially love the Art Glitter!

I'm finding I'm becoming more more and more comfortable using glitter and find more ways to use it all the time. This not just because there are so many beautiful colors of glitter and endless places to use it, but because it's fun, and positively addictive!

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  1. This is wonderful!!!! And so inspiring-thanks for sharing!!!!!