Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dazzle Dangles by Emily M. Miller

Oh these are fun! I designed this project for a kids class and it went wonderfully! We started out filling bottle caps with different Dazzlers and covering the logo side with Ultrafine Hologram Opaque Glitter #136 Chromosphere.

There are also a myriad of seed pods here too. We brushed Designer Dries Clear Adhesive onto Yucca, Agave and Acorn tops then sprinkled with more Dazzlers! My favorite Dazzlers at the moment are several Hexis: D29 Confection, D55 Queen's Robe, D52 Rockets, D56 Dragonfly, D53 Gold Crown; Flakes: D38 Blue Eyes, D37 Lollipop, D42 Sherwood. The Slivers worked quite well for this project too.

Of course you can use just about any glitter product in the bottle caps and on the seed pods. I prefer the larger cut glitter products like the Shards Vintage Glass Glitter, Glass Beads and Gala Glitz. Since this project was for kids we didn't use any glass products and stuck to the Dazzlers and I was really happy with the results. See the two lower Yucca pods above? They are covered with #815 Waterdrops (clear) Glass Beads, they look like moth wings!

While these were drying we had fun with Fantasy Film! Our stamp theme is bugs. We stamped Fantasy Film on several bug stamps in various colors. This was a perfect opportunity to use up some Fantasy Film scraps. Then we cut the bug images out, leaving approx. a ¼ inch border and room at the top to put a little hole above the image for wire. You can cut yours out closer to the image if you want.

Next I put holes into every piece. The Fantasy Film pieces were easy, I used a utility knife for their holes. The other pieces required a nail and hammer, not too difficult! Which is good because I had to do this step for ALL of us!

Then we wrapped wire through each dangle (or around a stem) and left the top as a hook. And I say we left the top as a hook because instead of cutting strips of wire, we used ornament hangers! It was a perfect match and I tell you what, a new favorite short cut of mine for wiring projects!

Then I cut three different kinds of ribbon the length of my arms outstretched. We laid the three strands out flat on a table, distributed the pieces among the three strands and placed them evenly along their length. To tie them on, first start with the center dangle and tie a knot around its wire hook, then work your way down on both ends. Don't worry about getting each dangle in its perfect just doesn't matter!

All that is left is tying a knot at the top of all three ribbons and finding a spot to hang it.

I hesitate to use this photo, it is so horrible! The lighting is off and I couldn't get my dangles to stop moving! So I apologize, but I wanted you to see how it looked in full length. My students' Dazzle Dangles looked better than mine! Enjoy!!!

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