Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art Glitter Types and Sizes Explained...

Since our fantastic designers have been skillfully experimenting with our product line I thought it might be helpful to explain the different types, sizes and cuts of glitter that we carry. I don’t know why we haven’t done it any sooner…the subject is long overdue so here we go…

The bulk of our glitter is cut from polyester films. Namely the Ultrafine, Microfine and Hologram lines. The films are very thin, so thin that you cannot see the dull side of the cut, thus giving them their high quality status. Some of the ultrafine opaque colors have a mix of metallic glitter in them as well. All the polyester glitters are acid free and safe for wearing on skin. Click here for a list of the Ultrafine Opaque colors with metallic glitter in them.

Our most popular and most sparkly line is Ultrafine. It is about 1/4 the size of that chunky craft glitter you probably used in Kindergarten. Microfine is then half the size of Ultrafine. Therefore, Microfine is a little less sparkly since it has half the surface area. It has a wonderful velvety look to it that can have a spectacular effect for the right project.

Currently we have over 400 colors in the following types:
Ultrafine opaque
Ultrafine opaque hologram
Chunky opaque hologram

Ultrafine transparent
Ultrafine pearlescent
Ultrafine neon transparent
Ultrafine neon opaque

Microfine transparent
Microfine opaque
Fine Vintage Glass Glitter
Shards Vintage Glass Glitter

Dazzlers Hexis
Dazzlers Funky
Dazzlers Slices
Dazzlers Flakes
Dazzlers Shapes

Faux Snow

The difference between Transparent and Opaque colors correlate directly to their names. The transparent colors are influenced by the surface color they are on and opaque colors completely cover the color they are on.

Hologram colors have one tone plus a full spectrum of refractive colors.

Pearlescent colors have a "satiny" look and possess both opaque and transparent qualities. Meaning they are slightly transparent.

Neon colors are of course very bright.

Vintage Glass Glitter is cut from actual glass films creating uneven sized particles. Its colors do fade with time. To help avoid fading/tarnishing you can spray your dry project with an Acrylic Spray, Matt Fixative or Spray Lacquer. Be sure to always use a spoon when applying the glass glitter and it is NOT recommended for children to use. The fine size is slightly larger than our ultrafine glitter and the shards size is several times larger.

Our newest glitter line is Dazzlers. They are much larger cuts of glitter in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
Dazzlers Hexis, you can actually see the six sides to this glitter
Dazzlers Funky, a concoction of holograms and shapes just for fun!
Dazzlers Slices, glitter cut into little slices
Dazzlers Flakes, light, thin, flakes of glitter
Dazzlers Shapes, as the name implies: stars, squares, circles, etc.

Faux Snow is a large cut of white/clear flakes. Perfect for snow and wintery effects.

And if that isn’t enough, closely related to glitter, we also carry micro Glass Beads (no hole beads). As with the glass glitter, these colors will fade with time too. With two sizes large and small, they add a nice dimension to projects.

Then there is Gala Glitz. A simply delicious medley of Vintage Glass Glitter and Glass Beads. Use in all your designs for a stunning, classy look.

Last but not least is our Elements line. Elements are organic components, grown or produced by Mother Earth and manipulated into a variety of shades and shapes with just a touch of sparkle added to them. Again, they are organic and will have to be sprayed with Acrylic Spray, Matt Fixative or Spray Lacquer or else they will disintegrate.

Next time we should talk about glue....

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