Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Undersea Fantasy Film Votive by Kaaren Poole

Fantasy Film plays a starring role in this light-catching votive with an undersea theme. It was simple and fun to make. I’m hoping you will be inspired to make one or – better yet – make one using your favorite theme. Here’s how I made this one.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Clear glass votive and tea lights

Art Glitter Fantasy Film in Watermelon, Dandelion, Krista’s Eyes, and Waterfall

Art Glitter Ultrafine Holographic glitter in Neptune (#191)

Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent glitter in Orange Crush (#91), Lettuce (#286)

Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque glitter in South Seas (#285), Summertree (#46)

Art Glitter Vintage Glass Shards in Amber (#908)

Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter Ultrafine Metal Tip
gold glass seed beads, size 6

black glass seed beads, size 15

Mod Podge decoupage medium

E6000 glue

small sea shells
waxed paper, small sharp scissors
toothpick, 1” wide foam brush, size 8 round paint brush
iron and ironing board, parchment paper

Here’s how to put it together
• Cut 3” lengths of both Watermelon and Dandelion. Place one on top of the other on a piece of parchment paper, then put another piece of parchment paper on top to the Fantasy Film. Press for a few seconds with a medium hot iron to bond the two pieces together. You will now have an orange piece of double-thickness Fantasy Film.
• With the small sharp scissors, cut out four or five fish shapes from the fused orange Fantasy Film. Cut assorted seaweed shapes from the Krista’s Eyes and Waterfall Fantasy Film.
 • Working on a piece of waxed paper to protect your work surface, quickly coat the clear glass votive with Mod Podge using the foam brush. Apply a liberal coat. Press your Fantasy Film fish and seaweed pieces in place in the Mod Podge. When the Mod Podge has partially set, brush another coat over the entire surface and lightly sprinkle the whole votive with the Neptune Holographic glitter. Set it aside to dry for 2 to 3 hours. (The Mod Podge under the Fantasy Film will dry very slowly – perhaps 24 hours or more - but you can continue with the votive after a few hours.) When the Mod Podge dries you will see that it gives the glass a somewhat textured look, like antique glass.
• Use the Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with the ultrafine metal tip to put scale and dot designs on the fish and lengthwise stripes along the seaweed shapes. Sprinkle Orange Crush glitter over the glue designs on the fish, catching the excess glitter on the waxed paper. Similarly, sprinkle Summertree, South Seas, and Lettuce glitter over the designs on the seaweed, distributing the three colors in a pleasing design and catching the excess on the waxed paper.

• Cover the bottom ¼” to 3/8” of the votive with random large dots of Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive. Sprinkle the Amber Art Glitter Vintage Glass Shards over the glue, catching the excess on the waxed paper. This is the “sand” on the bottom of the ocean. Let the glue dry.

• Use the E6000 glue to glue the small shells in place. For the fish eyes, pick up a size 6 gold bead on the end of a toothpick and dip it in the glue. Set the bead in place on the fish’s face – it will lie hole up. This is the iris of the eye. Pick up a size 15 black bead on the tip of the toothpick, dip it in the glue, and place it in the hold in the center of the gold bead – the black bead is the pupil of the eye.

• For the final touch, add more glitter to the bottom inch or so of the votive above the shards and between the seaweed pieces. Mix the excess glitter that fell onto the waxed paper. Apply the Art Glittler Designer Dries Clear Adhesive in these areas with the paint brush. Sprinkle the mixed glitter over the glue, more heavily towards the bottom and more lightly towards the top.

• Let everything dry thoroughly, then ENJOY your VOTIVE!

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