Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty Pink Cards & Boxes by Shannon Bielke

To misquote and improve upon a familiar jingle: "Everything's better with a little glitter on it!" So true! Pretty and glitter go together so well!

I needed cards to include with a couple of small gifts for a very dear friend, so I looked through my supplies wanting to make something pretty for her.

Feeling the urge to create, I pulled out my paper scraps too beautiful to throw away. I picked a number that went together well, and set to work. I didn't end up making just a couple a cards. Of course not! I made a number of mini cards and a box to keep them in, thus creating yet another gift. Each card was small and simple, but different and interesting. To add to the interest was, of course glitter! Glitter to highlight edges, glitter to add to the design, and glitter to create interest! I love these little cards!

My favorite glitter application this time was stamping an image in glue and then glittering the glue! I plan to explore this technique more in the future.

Another technique to try is mix the glitters together to make even more beautiful colors. I mixed the pretty Fresh Green (312) with Crystal (85) and Thyme (277) to make a lovely new green for the leaves on the box and one of the cards.

As you can begin to see, glitter can enhance just about any project in a beautiful way!

Supplies used:
Misc. paper scraps
Misc. ribbon scraps
Art Glitter:
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Ultra fine metal tip
Ultra Fine Opaque Glitter: #10 Baby Pink, #51 Mai Mango, #277 Thyme
Ultra Fine Transparent Glitter: #85 Crystal, #312 Fresh Green, #144 Miss Muffet

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