Saturday, July 9, 2011

Firefly Bracelet by Kaaren Poole

I frequently have occasion to use two part epoxy glue and really like how quickly it sets and its clear shiny look. Since it is a thick glue and sets quickly, I thought I might be able to successfully use it like resin to embed Art Glitter’s gorgeous Dazzlers glitter. The “collage” links and pendants seemed an obvious backing, and a pre-assembled bracelet blank by Nunn Designs made the project quick and easy.

Tiny vintage glass cabochons in the shape of fireflies were the inspiration for this bracelet. Don’t they look gorgeous against these rich Dazzler colors? Like a summer night.

You will need:
Blank collage bracelet in antique copper (available at

firefly glass cabochons (available from or other small glass foil-backed cabochons (the foil back is important – it makes the cabochon stand out against the glitter)

Art Glitter Vintage Glass Glitter: Shards in Citrine #905

Art Glitter Dazzlers in Gypsy #D10, Sea Nymph #D15, and Patriot #D31
glass seed beads, size 11, to coordinate with the glitter colors 

two part epoxy glue, either 5 minute or 15 minute set

ES6000 glue

strong beading thread, beading needle

toothpicks, aluminum foil, waxed paper, small scissors

I mixed the glitter with the epoxy glue and used the mixture to fill the cavities in the bracelet links. Before the glue set, I lightly pressed the glass fireflies into the surface. For a more finished look, I surrounded the metal rim of the link cavities with strands of small seed beads.

The two-part epoxy glue sets fast, so have all your materials at hand when you begin to work. Read through the instructions first to be sure you understand them before you begin.
Cover your work surface with a sheet of waxed paper and lay the bracelet blank out right side up.

Now work quickly to mix the glittery glue and fill the cavities in the bracelet links.

To mix the glittery glue, squeeze out a nickel-sized puddle of one of the epoxy parts, then another nickel-sized puddle of the other part of the epoxy right up next to it. Repeat two more times so that you have 3 double puddles. Spoon about 1/8 teaspoon of the Dazzlers glitter on top of each of the three double puddles, one color per puddle. Add a few Citrine Shards to each puddle. Using a separate toothpick for each double puddle, quickly and thoroughly mix the double puddles. You will now have three puddles of mixed epoxy glue with one color of glitter and a few shards embedded in each.

With the toothpicks you used to mix the glittery glue, scoop up large drops of the glittery glue and fill the bracelet link cavities. The glue will flow slightly, but you may need to use the tip of the toothpick to push it into the corners. I used two colors per link and swirled the colors slightly together with a clean toothpick. I wanted distinct areas of individual color, but a little mixing here and there.

If the glue gets too stiff to work with, just mix up more!

Before the glue sets, lightly press the firefly cabochons onto the surface.

Now that that’s done, you can relax a little. Actually, if you don’t want the beaded borders, you’re finished already!

For the beaded borders, cut a piece of beading thread about 10” long. Thread it through a beading needle and thread a sufficient number of beads to reach around the rim of one of the links. Count the number of beads and write it down – this will take the guess-work out of bordering the other links. Pass the needle back through the first bead you threaded, and then through all the others in order. This will make a closed loop. Pull the ends so that you only have about ½” of play in the thread. Squeeze out a bit of ES6000 glue on a small piece of foil and use the side of a toothpick to press the glue all around the rim of one of the link cavities. Lay the beaded loop around the rim onto the glue and pull the ends tight so that the beaded strand fits snugly around the rim. Tie a double knot with the ends of the thread. Using your fingers, press the beaded strand in place to even it out and get good contact with the glue. Repeat for the rest of the links.

When the glue is set, trim away the ends of the thread.


You can also get these metal findings for pendants or earrings, so you may want to make a matching set.

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