Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whimsical, Glittery Headband by Laura Drahozal

Have you every had a really bad haircut? I bet you have. This last one of mine was pretty awful. She gave me bangs that made me look like I was about twelve. You may wonder what this has to do with Art Glitter. Well, as I was trying to grow these bangs out, they kept falling in my eyes. I needed a headband, but no ordinary headband would do. 'That is when inspiration hit--I could make a cute, whimsical, glittery headband.

I decided that I wanted dimensional fabric flowers on my headband. I would have made them all cotton fabric, but realized that they would stand up better if I added some felt. I cut the flowers with an Accucut machine and then had the joy of decorating them.

I chose to use a brass stencil to make an interesting pattern on the fabric. I am currently on the Dreamweaver Design Team, so I opted to use their stencil LJ 855 Curliques. I taped the stencil onto cardboard on one side with removable tape, creating a "hinge". I then slipped the fabric under the stencil. I made a small puddle of Art Glitter Fabric Glue on my craft sheet. I had a little water handy, so that I could water it down a little if the glue got too dry.

I then loaded a small stencil brush (also by Dreamweaver) with the glue. I tapped the brush on a paper towel to remove the excess, then I brushed the glue over the stencil, scrubbing into the holes just a little. When I lifted the stencil, the beautiful pattern was on my fabric in glue. I poured colored glitter over it, and now my pattern was in glorious glitter. I repeated this for all of the flower parts and the stems that I had cut. I found that my stencil gunked up with glue every fourth or fifth time that I used it. Whenever this happened, I would just clean it with a little water and an old toothbrush.

I also discovered that when I stencilled the felt, I could use slightly wetter glue. Therefore, every time I would clean the stencil, I would use it with the felt the very next time. That way, any water that was not completely wiped off mixed with the glue. WARNING: this technique is super addictive--so much so that I actually created four different flowers, of which two became headbands--one blue and one pink.

After the parts dried, I stacked them. I stitched a small x in the center to attach all of the petals. Then, I ran a quick running stitch around the center of each felt layer and pulled it tight to get the petals to stand up. This created my 3D look. Then, I had to attach the flowers fo the headband. Sadly, the flowers would not attach to the headbands with my fabric glue. I had to sew them down with a few stitches.

When the leaves and flowers were in place, I put a little Art Insititute Fabric Glue on the edges of the cotton petals and added more glitter. I let this dry, then heat set it, following the instructions on the back of the glue bottle.

I had a great time creating this whimsical solution to a bad haircut. I thought I would hang onto these and wear them occasionally even after the hair was fixed, however, when I asked my grandmother to model these for this blog post's pictures, she loved them so much that I am planning on giving them to her. This got me to thinking about what a great project this would be at a senior center or for kids (with a little supervision during the sewing). It was fun, creative, functional, and glittery--my favorite type of project!

Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive


Ultrafine Opaque Glitter 113 Sky
Ultrafine Opaque Hologram 329 Egyptian Blue
Ultrafine Transparent 100 Sea Shell
Ultrafine Opaque Hologram 128 Quark


Ultrafine Pearlescent 174 Pink Cadillac

MicrofineTransparent 725 Muscatel
Ultrafine Transparent 100 Sea Shell
Ultrafine Opaque 109 Cavalado

Brass Stencil--I used Dreamweaver LJ 855
Stencil Brush

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