Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Light Up Your Sparkle

Glitter adds sparkle everywhere. Which is one of the things I love about it. Today's project is adding some bling to any room in your house, by adding glitter to the inside of your lampshade.

Supplies Used:
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (unless your lamp is fabric on the inside, you can use Fabric Dries Clear)
#298 Polar Bear Ultrafine Transparent Glitter, plan for about 3/4 oz. per lampshade.

 Start with your lampshade.

Brush on a thin coat of adhesive to the the inside of the lampshade.

Pour on the glitter. and tap off. I did this in sections so the adhesive didn't dry up. When choosing glitter for the project, I chose transparent, because I wanted to make sure the lamp still had purpose. I wanted the light to still shine through, and have a glittery effect. 

Go back and be sure to add adhesive and glitter to all of the places you may have missed. I  Saved the edges for the last part.

I waited until it was all dry and with a dry paintbrush brushed off any excess glitter. And this is what it looked like.

 I put the lamp back together.

 And turned it on. I wish you could see its beauty in person. It is truly a magical feeling.

 The light took the glitter to a new sparkle level, and it looked AMAZING!

Now be sure to head on over to my blog, one.heart.scrapper. for another glittery project. 

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