Monday, February 4, 2013

Glitter Mask

  Have you ever seen those decorated masks that could be wall art as well as something to wear?  They are easy enough to make, with a little Art Glitter.  Let me tell you how......
Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with Fine Metal Tip
Microfine 514 Bavarian Forest
Microfine 506 Purple Morpho
Dazzlers D48 Gold Celebrity
Ultrafine Opaque 69 Light Gold
Ultrafine Opaque Hologram 128 Quark
Premade "Primed"  Mask
Colored Feathers

1)  Outline area you would like green with Designer Dries Clear Glue and fill in part.  Use your finger or a small brush to smooth glue around the entire area.
2)  Pour green microfine glitter over the glue.
3)  Put glue around the rest of the mask and use your finger or a brush to smooth glue around the entire area.
4)  Pour purple microfine glitter over the area.
5)  Use glue and glitter to touch up any spots you may have missed.  Let dry for a few minutes.
6)  Pour a small amount of the Gold Celebrity Dazzlers out on a sheet of paper. 
7)  Pick through Dazzlers for the shapes you would like on your mask.  I chose the large and small squares and opted to position them on the border between the green and purple.
8)  Put small dots of glue where you want the Dazzler shapes and adhere.  I used an Art Glitter Stainless Steel Pin to pick up and position the shapes.
9)  Use the Designer Dries Clear with the fine tip to create shapes to add gold to. Work in small sections. The fine tip is absolutely essential for this.
10)  Pour light gold glitter over the top as you finish each section. Let dry.

11)  Use the Designer Dries Clear to make dots for "gems".  Cover with Hologram Quark.  Let dry.

12)  Use Designer Dries Clear to adhere the feathers behind the top of the mask.  Let dry.
Keep in mind that you can change the look or color of the mask for different decor or events.  I found this project to be easy and satisfying.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for looking, and glitter on!

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  1. This is really gorgeous! Love all the detail and the colors are so bright - truly Mardigras!