Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Rose By Any Other a Glitter Tattoo

You may have seen glitter tattoos advertised on TV, but did you know that Art Glitter now has Body Glue and Tattoo stencils?  Now you can use all the wonderful colors of Art Glitter Ultra Fine glitter to create your own glittering body art!!  Here is a quick tutorial on creating a glittering tattoo.  It's so easy, I did it on my own hand!!

You will need:  Art Glitter Body Glue, Tattoo Stencil, Ultra-fine Glitter (I used #299 - Celery, #48 -  Emerald, #324 - Country Red, and #355 - Sunrise)  A couple of paint brushes, and a soft make-up brush.

Remove the white backing from the stencil and place it on clean, dry skin.  Remove the clear protective coating and make sure that the black stencil is firmly in place with no gaps or buckles.

Drop a few drops of Body Glue inside the stencil and spread with paint brush.  You just need a thin coat.  The thicker you put it on, the longer it will take to dry.

While the paint is still wet, remove the stencil.  Wait for the glue to dry before you start to glitter.  The glue is dry when it turns clear.

Dip a small clean, dry paint brush into Emerald Green and brush lightly onto the broad end of the leaves.  Clean the brush by rubbing on a towel or cloth. - Don't wet it.  Dip the brush into your second color - the celery green - and brush the tips of the leaves.

Repeat this process for the rose, using the Country Red for the inside of the rose petals, and Sunrise to highlight the outer petals.

Use a make-up brush to brush the excess glitter away.

The tattoo will last 7 - 10 days with proper care.  Visit the Art Glitter site for more information about care and removal of the tattoos!

Happy Glittering!!!


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