Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Butterfly

Hello, Kristi here to share a fun and simple project with you.  I love butterflies and love glitter so it is a natural combo for me.    I started with a simple wooden cut out of a butterfly, glitter and Designer Dries Clear adhesive (DDCA).
 I am using Slate, Leaf, Kelly, Red Rose, Grape, Teal, Bananan
 I like to apply the glue with a paint brush.  I did my outline first with the slate glitter.  I apply a bit of glue then glitter.  I repeat the process until the full outline of the butterfly is done.  I also am working from dark to light so I don't get dark flecks of glitter on my final yellow color.

This is the butterfly with all the outline applied.
 I have added the two greens and some blue and the first purple flower.  I love how it shines already!
 More color added!
And this is the finished butterfly.  I did cover the back all in Slate glitter as well.  I just need to find a fun place to hang this up and let it "fly"!  Hope you enjoyed this quick and simple, yet sparkling project!

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Sparkle On!

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