Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heart Canvas

Today I want to share a project I created on canvas.

Supply List:

-        8” x 10” Canvas (you could really use any size you want)

-        Art Glitter

-        Paintbrush

-        Pencil

I started out by drawing the outline of a heart on the canvas. I then began to draw smaller hearts in every direction until the canvas was filled up!
I then started by painting the adhesive onto one of the hearts, sprinkled on the glitter and then tapped it off.
Please note that the lighting in my craft room is much different than out by the windows.

Once I knew this method would work, I started with my first color, #130 Eclipse. I did sections at a time until I filled in all the hearts I wanted in that color.
After this color, I switched to the #314 Dew Berry, and did the same thing.
Then moved on the #84 Shiney Si, and repeated the process again.

I then finished up with the #525 Brocade Microfine. I chose the microfine last because it leaves the most leftover glitter since it is such small bits of glitter. But I LOVE how well it covers!

Here are is a close up of the glitter.

At this point I touched up any glitter that was floating around with a dry paintbrush, by brushing the glitter off of the canvas.  I brought it out into the light and boy did it sparkle!

Best thing about this project is you can make it your own! Pick your own colors, shapes, you name it, even words! It was fun easy, and I found something perfect to add to my new craft room.

Be sure to stop on over to my blog, http://oneheartscrapper.blogspot.com today for another fun glitter project!


  1. This could be a fun and easy valentine project. I think the design would make a lovely card. Thanks for the inspiration!